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In 2014, I Audrey Roberts convinced my boyfriend (Markis) to buy my first and only sewing machine. I was very excited to learn how to sew, however, as I do with most things, I put it aside after only few days experimenting and did not touch it for over two years. A day came when I decided it was time to actually use the machine for its originally purpose instead of collecting dust and so I did. After hours of googling beginners’ patterns and watching YouTube videos on how to sew a straight line with my friend Chris. I eventually learned the concept of sewing a basic garment (pat on the back). I would spend hours at a time “sewing”, it brought me so much excitement, frustration but mostly joy. I remembered migrating to Australia and bringing all my favourite African print clothes unfortunately after few months was unable to fit into any (I outgrew them as I was only 10 years old). So, while I learned how to sew I experimented with African prints. I would sew these prints for family members and friends and saw how delighted they were. As a result, I decided to bring joy to the public by establishing Luah Style in 2019.


When I was few months pregnant, it was time to informed one of my favourite people (my late grandmother) that I was pregnant and to asked her to give my son a native Gio (dialect from Nimba, Liberia) name as she did with my brother and myself. My grandma chose Luah. Luah means blessing in Gio. Therefore, when the time came to select a name for my business I did not hesitate